Accounting, Bookkeeping and VAT

Book Keeping and Accountancy : What does it cover?

We offer regular book keeping services using various softwares. We mostly use VT, Quickbooks, Sage, Iris and our internally designed spreadsheets templates. Depending on the computer knowledge of the clients, we sometimes do the book keeping ourself from scratch. For example, from the invoices, receipts and bank statements received from the clients. If the clients are comfortable in using the excel templates, we give the option to do the basic book keeping to the clients. This in turn results in a minimum reduction in our monthly/ annual fees. This will reduce our workload and to some extent, lower the financial burden for the clients. Book keeping is the backbone of proper accountancy and our staff spend a great amount of time in enhancing the level of book keeping so that further accountancy work goes error free.

VAT Accountants

We specialize in a wide variety of VAT clients ranging from off licences, restaurants, IT and Management consultants and medicals. In addition to doing the VAT for clients, we advise them the various schemes which saves them thousands of pounds. Most common cost saving option for small businesses is Flat Rate Scheme (FRS). We have advised and saved VAT using FRS for many of our clients. To know more about FRS you can call us at: 0208 872 4184 or check HMRC website. Click Here

Preparation of self-employments and partnership accounts

Apart from limited company accounts, we offer self employed and partnerships accounts preparation for our small to medium scale business clients. We also advise you on the best form of business to register for maximum tax benefits, like whether self employed, partnership or company will be the best option for your size of business. We you don’t end up paying penalties as a result of missing the deadlines or filing the wrong return

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