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Construction Industry Scheme explained; a brief guide

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The Construction Industry Scheme - or CIS - has existed in various forms since the 1970s; but it still trips up plenty of professionals and property developers in the industry each year. What is CIS, and how does it affect your tax liability as a contractor or subcontractor? Read on for a brief guide to [...]
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5 Property Tax Myths That Can Hold Your Buy-to-Let Business Back

Property investment tax can be a nightmare to navigate. As market and tax changes have driven a more strategic approach to buy-to-let investment, many myths and misconceptions have emerged on how to reduce your tax bill and boost your rental profits. Meanwhile, strategies that do offer value for tax mitigation have found themselves overshadowed by [...]
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Three Common Mistakes New Property Investors Make- and How You Can Avoid Them

Property investment is always a steep learning curve for new investors. There’s plenty of opportunities to make mistakes and stop your new career dead in its tracks; with many newcomers ending up throwing in the towel before they’ve realised their full investing potential. Here are three common mistakes that have discouraged many a new buy-to-let [...]
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How Landlords Can Avoid HMRC Tax Enquiry

HMRC have been pretty lenient with business owners during the Covid crisis; but in the last few months, they’ve renewed their commitment to carrying out regular ‘enquiries’ into suspicious tax returns. As a landlord, how can you avoid triggering a HMRC enquiry into your property investment business? We’ve provided a few tips below - but [...]
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Mortgage interest tax relief for landlords

Mortgage interest tax relief for landlords is gone; here's how you can get it back A surprisingly large number of investment property owners are still unaware of the dreaded ‘Section 24’ tax changes; and what those changes will mean for their profits going forward. Are you one of them? Here’s what you need to know [...]
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VAT Domestic Reverse Charge

VAT Domestic Reverse Charge As you might have received letters from HMRC regarding the application of VAT Domestic Reverse Charge from March 2021, we would like to clarify few points to make sure you have understood the working of DRC. DRC applies to you if you are: in the construction industry providing building and construction [...]
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Self Assessment

Self Assessment - Do I Need To File?   Self Assessment (SA Return)- What Is It? In simple terms, self assessment is the filing of your individual taxes as a self declaration of the true reflection of your income and expenditure. Although SA return filing is more used for personal taxes, other types of taxes, [...]
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Cloud Accounting – Simple way to stay MTD compliant

Cloud Accounting is a Way for Modern Businesses to Stay MTD Compliant The fast-paced transition towards a digitalised future and the upcoming ‘Making Tax Digital’ (MTD) initiative is changing the way we do business. To embrace the change and upkeep with HM Revenues & Customs (HMRC)’’s guidelines regarding MTD, modern businesses are rapidly adopting the […]

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Tips to choose the Right Accountant

7 Effective Tips to Choose the Right Accountant for Your Business Choosing an accountant for your business can be challenging. After all, you need someone whom you can trust your finances with, who provides the right advice and guides you as your business grows. What are the top things that you should consider in choosing […]

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