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Accounting in Construction Industry

Understanding the Basics of Accounting in Construction Industry Accounting is an important aspect of running a company, ensuring profitability and transparency. However, for the construction industry, the concept of accounting is little different and complex. In this blog, we will understand how accounting in construction industry is different from the regular practices, what the challenges[...]
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Rental Property Tax Return

A Complete Guide to Self-Assessment Rental Property Tax Return The HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) department determines your tax payable on rental income based on what your employment status is and how much profit you make. As per HMRC guidelines, if you are earning a steady income from renting out your property, you will need[...]
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Accounting for Small Businesses

By: Subash Ghimire When we talk about paying for the service of a professional accountant to look after the accounting and financial matters of a business, there are common misconceptions that the small business owners fall victim of. Some common myths about hiring an accountancy firm and their explanation is presented below. Myth 1- Accountants[...]
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Claiming input VAT on Flat Rate Scheme

Claiming input VAT on Flat Rate Scheme Normally the input VAT is not considered if your business is registered for a FRS. So you simply apply the percentage of Flat Rate applicable to your business and ignore the input VAT. But you may be losing some pounds if you have made a significant purchase of[...]
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