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GNS has years of experience in dealing with complex cases relating to contractor accounting and particularly in construction industries. We come across a number of complex cases for our client and deal them to the satisfaction of clients.

Who can benefit from GNS CIS Accountants Services

You as a self employed or a limited company are covered by CIS if  your core business is construction related or even if your core business is not related to construction but you spend over a million pound in construction in any accounting year. Construction can be building structures, refurbishment and decoration etc.

Our CIS services provide you with the tax efficient advice with proper planning from the start of your business.

GNS Associates-CIS Accountants Uxbridge, London

CIS is a system designed by HMRC whereby the principal contractor has to hold tax while paying to his subcontractors.

Mostly, CIS is applicable to construction companies but as mentioned above, CIS also applies to other business who spend significant amount in construction even if their core business is different.

How does GNS Construction Industry Specialist team help your business

At GNS we have experts with years of experience in the construction industry. At GNS, we set up CIS for you,  help you with verification, advise/ liaise with HMRC on the rates of deduction. We also file your CIS return and our Construction Industry Specialist team is expert in handling CIS taxes investigation and we have saved erroneous penalties and fines. We carry out thorough ground work in preparing working papers, collecting supporting documents and properly handling HMRC queries. At GNS, we guarantee your peace of mind for a reasonable fee. Please write your queries through our easy contact form or quick quote request.

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