Corporation Tax / CT600

Corporation tax/ CT600 Filing

A UK registered company is required by law to file its accounts to companies house and its Corporation tax/ CT600 to HMRC. HMRC and companies house run complex deadlines for filing and of taxes and missing the deadlines will attract instant penalties. The system of Companies House accounts and Corporation tax/ CT600 Filing is difficult and very confusing even for the accounts student in the initial stage and it’s of course confusing for new businessmen who are not familiar with accountancy and company secretarial aspects. This might demotivate you with penalties for missing the deadlines when you think you have not done any mistake but still being chased by HMRC and CH and in some cases debt recovery agencies. An experienced accountant will take this burden off you and assure you the optimum level of compliance and your peace of mind is guaranteed for a small amount of fees.

What do you need for Corporation tax/ CT600 Filing

Corporation tax filing comes along with annual accounts filing to companies house, you basically need to provide the details of income, expenses and other affairs related to the company. Upon receipt of all the necessary documents, and after some reasonable amount of processing time, GNS will produce your accounts, file Abbreviated/ Full accounts to Companies house and Corporation tax/ CT600 to HMRC upon approval of the accounts and tax return by you. You need to provide us the following documents, information in order to prepare the accounts and Corporation tax/ CT600.

Documents/ Information Needed: 

  • Details of Sales, Purchases, Expenses, Fixed Assets Purchases etc.
  • Details of any additional income for the company (interest/dividend/capital gains etc.)
  • Details of any transaction between the directors and the company
  • Bank Statement for the period mentioned below
  • Any other relevant information in respect of the company/directors
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