Comprehensive Guide to Registering a Company in the UK

Registering a company in the UK is a simple procedure that enables companies to function lawfully. To start, you must select a unique name for your business and determine whether it will be a limited corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship. The next step is to supply a UK-registered office address where official letters will be sent. In addition, you will choose the company’s shareholders and choose a minimum of one director. There’s a requirement of registering for taxes, like corporation tax and VAT. Ultimately, you will finish the registration procedure online by filling out the relevant forms and making the necessary payment through the Companies House website, which is the official website of the UK government. Upon approval, your business will be formally recognised as a legal entity and you will obtain a Certificate of Incorporation.

Types of Companies in the UK 

This is a summary of the different kinds of company

Private Limited Company

  • Provides shareholders with little liability protection
  • Needs a minimum of one shareholder and one director
  • On the stock exchange, shares are not available for public trading

Public Limited Company

  • Ideal for bigger companies looking to go public with their stock.
  • Demands a £50,000 minimum share capital.
  • Subject to more stringent legal specifications.

Limited Liability Partnership

  • Combines limited corporations’ and partnerships’ features.
  • Members’ liability is restricted.
  • Ideal for companies that provide professional services

Sole Trader

  • Run by an independent contractor.
  • Most straightforward corporate form.
  • Debts are directly owed by the sole trader.


  • Involves the sharing of gains and losses by two or more people.
  • Each partner is responsible for their own bills.

Steps to Start a Company in the UK

To swiftly and legally register your business in the UK, follow these steps.

  1. Select a Name: Select an original name.
  2. Structure: Choose the kind of corporation.
  3. Address: Give the address where you are registered in the UK.
  4. Appoint: Choose a director and/or shareholders.
  5. Tax Registration: Make an HMRC tax registration.
  6. Forms and Payment: Pay the cost and fill out the online forms.
  7. Approval: Wait for approval from Companies House.
  8. A certificate of incorporation will be sent to you.
  9. A few things to think about are insurance, bank accounts, and regulations.

Company Registration for VAT

For businesses operating in the UK, registering for Value Added Tax (VAT) is an essential first step. When the taxable turnover of your company is above the annual threshold set by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), you must register for VAT. You have 30 days to register after attaining this criterion. On the other hand, companies can also choose to voluntarily register, which enables them to recover VAT on purchases. You must register by providing specific details about your company, including turnover, estimated VAT taxable turnover, and business activity. Either a VAT registration form or the HMRC website can be used to complete this process online. After registering, you’ll have a VAT registration number and have to follow all VAT rules, which include charging VAT on sales that qualify and filing

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How Long Does Company Registration Take in the UK?

The procedure used for registration and the volume of work that the various government agencies have on their hands are two of the many variables that affect how long it takes to register a company in the UK. Here are a few broad recommendations:

  • The fastest is online registration, which takes in as little as 24 hours through the Companies House website.
  • Mail-based paper registration may require multiple weeks to complete owing to postal delivery and processing delays.
  • Depending on their services, third-party formation agents may speed up the procedure.
  • To prevent delays, the necessary papers and information must be provided accurately.
  • For last-minute registrations, think about utilizing expedited services.
  • Processing timelines can be affected by things like Companies House backlogs or public holidays.

Is it Mandatory to Register a Company in the UK?

Indeed, to legally operate a corporation, you must register it in the UK. By registering, you may be guaranteed that your company complies with legal requirements and is acknowledged by the government. It gives your business a legal name, safeguards your assets, and enables you to sign contracts. You become accountable for taxes and other duties once you register. Registering your business shows clients, partners, and suppliers that you are a reputable and professional business. Establishing and expanding your business in the UK requires taking this crucial step. GNS Chartered Accountants possess extensive experience and specialized expertise in facilitating the registration process, ensuring efficiency and compliance with regulatory requirements for the seamless establishment and legal recognition of businesses.


Can I Register a Company in the UK as a Foreigner?

You can register a company in the UK as a foreigner, yes. Worldwide individuals and companies are welcome to participate in the process. To form a business here, you don’t have to be a resident or citizen of the UK. But there’s a requirement for a UK-registered office address. It is also essential to appoint a director who resides in the United Kingdom or the European Economic Area (EEA). If not, you might have to supply an agent with a UK address. Overall, it is quite possible to form and run a company in the UK even though there are certain criteria for foreign nationals. “For professional advice on company registration and customized direction, Contact GNS Chartered Accountants for all of your company needs, our committed team is here to help with thorough support and dependable solutions.

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