HMRC Tax Investigation

HMRC Tax Investigation/ VAT Inspection

We deal a number clients’ compliance checks in an ongoing basis. When we prepare the working papers for HMRC tax investigation , we focus on the working paper documentation and our experts co ordinate the investigation process with HMRC. Our expert team is equipped with the documentation requirements of HMRC Tax Investigation and we can assure hassle free completion of the case.

Most of the people/ companies are scared of the Investigation even if they have not done anything wrong in their accounts and tax return. Also, due lack of systematic book keeping and proper accounts maintained, they fail to satisfy HMRC and get forced to accept the penalties.

An investigation with good ground work, proper documentation and explanation can save you money which you would otherwise end up paying without knowing what exactly were the errors.

Does HMRC Tax Investigation Lead to Penalties ?

NO, HMRC Tax investigation, vat inspection or payroll investigation all are compliance checks and do not necessarily mean you are at fault or have committed some tax fraud. HMRC Tax Investigations or compliance checks are random and almost every company gets into investigation in its lifetime. HMRC Tax Investigation will result in penalties or fines or even re assessment of taxes if you have not complied with HMRC guidelines in filing the taxes.

Tax Investigation and Importance of an Accountant

A good accountant is a must for handling HMRC Tax Investigation or to put it other way, avoid fear and confusion at the time of Investigation. We have a team of experts that deal with HMRC  Tax Investigation of a regular basis. We have the expertise to prepare required documentations, working papers and deal with HMRC so that the Investigation turns out to be less scary.

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