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We specialise in various service and sectors. Our expertise ranges from service industries, retailing, fashion wares, medical and hospitals, construction industries, IT etc. Among many of the accountants for construction industry, GNS is a trusted name specially in Harrow, Brent and nearby locations.


  • Service Flexibility

    We normally operate in normal office hours, and remain off on weekends. But, we remain partially open 365 days a year just in case our clients need some urgent services. GNS is happy to serve our valued clients at any time. Not only this, we can visit our clients where it is difficult for them to come to our  premises. GNS is flexible in terms of time and locations when it comes to our clients.

  • Tax Planning

    We advise our clients of the available options for tax planning and areas where they can legally make tax savings. There are various ways where the clients have option to reduce their tax like capital allowances, planning for couples, dividends withdrawl timings and many other complex areas. We insure that our clients receive the best possible tax advise which is withing the legally allowed framework of HMRC.

  • Tax Investigation

    We deal a number of investigation cases every month for our client. In case of all our clients investigation, we insure that the proper documentation is preapared. Our senior investigation experts are experienced in liaising with HMRC tax officers in tax investigation matters. Our team has the knowledge of the documentation and record keeping requirements of the HMRC Investigation and can deal with less hassle to the clients. Read More

  • Specialist Accountants for Construction Industry

    Our CIS Specialist team has years of experience in dealing with complex cases relation to contractor accounting and particularly in construction industries. We come across a number of complex cases for our client and deal them to the satisfaction of clients. Read More

  • Owner Managed Businesses/ Companies

    The small scale owner managed business often find it difficult to weigh cost and benefit of hiring an accountant for their business. GNS is an ideal solution for small to medium scale owner managed firms. Click on the link to know how you can outweigh cost of hiring an accountant with the future benefits. Read More