Payroll and CIS Administration

Payroll and CIS Administration (PAYE and CIS)

At GNS, we provide Payroll and CIS Administration ( Registration, RTI Filing and Consulting) with dedicated team of our staff. We have experts and dedicated department which handles only CIS and PAYE issues for our clients and who are specialized on the various aspects of payroll like minimum wage, tax and NI free payroll processing, CIS gross payment, monthly filing, PAYE maternity and other holiday pay and so on. We have dedicated staff every client will have a dedicated payroll /CIS manager from GNS who advises, processes and sends you the monthly pay slips, files montly CIS and PAYE RTI and sends you timely reminders to pay the CIS/ PAYE taxes to HMRC. GNS payroll and CIS administration covers the following services.

  • Registration for PAYE and CIS for clients
  • Advice on most appropriate remuneration structures for employees and directors
  • Advise on CIS gross payment
  • Payroll administration and payslips
  • Monthly RTI and CIS returns filling to HMRC
  • Refund claims with HMRC
  • Dealing with HMRC regarding PAYE and CIS issues

CIS- Introduction and Requirement

CIS is similar to payroll  as you have to hold the taxes on behalf of your subcontractors if you work in a construction industry and pay your subcontractors for their service relation to your core business. HMRC has instructed a compulsory registration if:

  • you pay for subcontracting the construction work to other self employed or companies
  • your core business is something different but you spend over a million pounds in a year on construction

You can check this HMRC link to know in details whether you need to get registered for CIS.

Is Payroll and CIS administration costly?

No! absolutely not, the fees you pay to us for payroll and CIS administration is peanuts as compared to the peace of mind you get from us. You will never have to worry about how much taxes and penalties will you be liable to pay to HMRC due to poor management of payroll and CIS administration. Late filing penalties are issued for late RTI submissions as the temporary relaxation for small employers has ended from this April and RTI is a must now. Click here to know more about implication of not filing RTI on time.

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