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File your self assessment in time to avoid penalties

The deadline for filing the self assessment tax return for last tax year 2019/19 is coming nearer and it’s is always better to act in time than to panic at the last moment. With GNS we assure you will never miss deadlines and incur penalties. All you need to do is to send us the details of your income for the tax year 2020. Following checklist can be helpful for you to know what documents you need to file your tax return.

  •    Details of your income from employment for the tax year ended 05-April-2020 (this can be all of your P60s and P45s for the relevant year).
  •    Details of other income like interest and capital gains.
  •    Details of any dividend you have received in the tax years as a company shareholder.
  •    +Others on a case to case basis depending on your personal income streams for that year

Call / email us now to book a free meeting to discuss your tax affairs with us and avoid any possible penalties. Missing the deadline will straightaway charge you a penalty of £100 and there are further penalties that are charged on daily basis by HMRC for failure to submit the personal tax or self assessment. Details of late filing and payment penalties can be found in the folling HMRC link.

Penalties for Self Assessment

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